1. Please tell me more about Accentuate's pre-recorded video tutoring sessions. What is the cost?

    Accentuate LLC offers 70 pre-recorded video tutoring sessions appropriate for Middle                                 School, High School and College level students.  We cover study skills, in depth grammar concepts,       learning tips/tricks, and daily life integration methods to make reviewing and using Spanish easy         and fun!  

         -Videos are grouped into packages for your convenience and are offered at a discount when

           purchased as a set.  

         -Package prices are less than half the market rate for traditional tutoring services.              

         -Our best value is the All-Inclusive: one year access to all of our videos for one low price.  

         -We also offer various promotions throughout the year for even deeper savings.

         *Click on Tutoring Packages above to choose from a variety of options and purchase.


2. What technology do I need to access Accentuate's pre-recorded video tutoring sessions?

     All you need is an internet connection.  Our videos can be viewed in full HD quality from a PC, Mac,      laptop, tablet, e-reader, cell phone, etc. as long as the device is web-enabled. 

3. Precisely what levels/years of Spanish do Accentuate's pre-recorded video tutoring sessions                 cover?

    In general our current video selection offers tutoring for ALL topics covered in Middle School                   Spanish,  one and a half to two years of topics for High School Spanish, and at least one full year of       topics (two semesters) for College Spanish.  We will be adding more videos in Summer 2016 to cover     tutoring topics for another full year of High School and College Spanish.


4. Do I have to purchase a whole package or can I purchase individual videos instead?

    You may choose to purchase individual videos or packages.  The individual videos are listed                   under the headings of packages for your convenience.  Once you click on a package the individual       video titles will appear and you may click on just the ones you want to buy.  


5. Does Accentuate offer customized video packages for individual students' needs?

    Yes.  You may submit a request for a video package with just the titles you want and we will build         your package at a discounted price.  There is a 10 video minimum requirement for customized               packages and the turn around time will be 2 business days. 

    *E-mail us at accentuatespanish@gmail.com with "Customize" in the subject line to learn more.


6. Does Accentuate offer videos or services for concepts that are not covered in the packages? 

    Yes.  Accentuate can offer customized pre-recorded video tutoring and/or live on-line tutoring for         concepts not covered in the current video packages. (See FAQ #7 below.)  Additional videos and             packages are currently in development and will be made available summer 2016.  


7. Does Accentuate offer any additional tutoring services?

    Yes.  Accentuate offers customized pre-recorded video tutoring sessions at a flat rate of                             $30/hour.  Live on-line tutoring sessions are offered at a flat rate of $40/hour.  

          -Have you fallen behind in your studies and need a push to catch up?  

          -Do you have a teacher whose methods you just don't understand?   

          -Are you struggling with one concept in particular and want to make sure you really "get it"?

    Our goal is always to provide excellent tutoring services for a great value.  Our individualized                   tutoring sessions will help you feel competent with the language learning process and get you               caught up to speed in no time.  You may then choose to take advantage of our All Inclusive pre-             recorded video tutoring package to provide the support you need moving forward at a fraction of

    the cost.

    *E-mail us at accentuatespanish@gmail.com with "Customize" in the subject line to learn more.


8. Does Accentuate offer Spanish classes in addition to tutoring?  

    Yes. In addition to our tutoring services Accentuate offers Spanish classes for homeschooled                   High School students on-line and (in person: No. VA area only).  

        -Please check back in March 2016 to enroll in classes for the 2016/2017 school year.

        -Coming soon we will also offer live and on-line Spanish classes for community service agencies          and their support staff.